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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jaw Dropper

No pix, but boy do I wish!  

Scene set up- me reclined in chair in window corner, eyes closed, cat curled up on chest.

From outside- sudden sound of bird "screaming".

Me- sit up in a hurry, piss cat off, look out window.

In sky- one large bird flying by, something in claws/talons, smaller bird following closely. Larger bird drops item, flies up and curves back around, gliding just above the hedges and such in my neighbors yard, turns again to fly above power lines, etc, and out of sight.  

That last curve is what let me see that the large bird was an EAGLE, no more than 20 feet from my window!!!  A full grown, white headed, bald Eagle. 

No idea what the second bird was.  I did talk to the neighborhood kids, who had been outside at the time, one confirmed he saw the eagle too, and the other had found a fish on the road and was wondering how it got there!


  1. Isn't that the coolest? In teh last couple of years an Eagle has been hanging around our area. We are always thrilled to see it.

  2. Oh wow, doesn't it scare off the smaller birds?

  3. Wow - great experience. We have an eagle nesting down the road a ways and we see them often when we drive by.