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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mostly Cats

This is a Charles Wysocki print of Maggie the Mess maker.
His art is always full of whimsical bits, like the mice on the lace in the picture, and any books in the pictures have wonderful titles!  I've always thought of these as  Hidden Pictures.  These prints also come in Cross Stitch patterns and Vicki Welsh is working on one. I always enjoy an update on the progress she is making.
As I uploaded years worth of pictures off the floppy discs {remember those?} recently, I came across lots of fun pix, of course.
Like this one of RocketMan. {the cat who died recently} He never let us down. If there was a container to jump into, no matter the material, he was there!
This is, was, Baby. {Precious on his left}  He had been part of a litter we had managed to give away.  He loved me! He would leave the pile of cozy siblings to sleep with me, would feed from his mother, then race around the house looking for me, and other such antics.  He was also given to a new family because they wanted him so.  Well, he didn't want them.  Two months later I heard a meowing outside....heard it again....thought, naw, can't be....Yup, there he was!  He had run away from the other family and come back to me.  I kept him. I didn't know where the other family lived, so what choice did I have????  Unfortunately, he encountered something dangerous outside and didn't come back in one day....we never knew what was getting our cats when we lived there. I was always amazed that Precious and RocketMan managed to survive the area.
Not a cat.  I was trying to figure out the ways of paper piecing by designing my own!  Doesn't everyone start a new technique that way?? A witch for the Harry Potter quilt faze.  It didn't work. But looking at it now...maybe it did. I don't remember.
This is made from ceramics.  It moves. I love it. Go look at the other works by these students!


  1. Yep. That's the beast! I am grateful that the cross stitch pattern doesn't have all of the detail of the original print.

  2. Enjoyed your cat pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the Charles Wysocki print. I agree, his work is like a hidden picture with wonderful images tucked in :-)Your cats are lovely!