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Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Painting Tip

Jo mentioned doing so painting in her kitchen, maybe add yellow.  I am not to sure if that just means yellow dishes, or yellow paint.  

But in any case, make samples!  If you can get small, I mean really small jars of paint, do it.  Paint up a few scraps of wood....or maybe even cardboard, then lean them around the walls, etc, to get an idea of the color.  
I liked the green I picked for the bathroom....until we got it on 2 of the walls. So I added everything I could find around here to lighten it, make it more yellow.  I actually like that new green...but will never be able to re-create it.  I then got a pint of yellow-with-a-dab-of-green....that's what is on the base of the footstool.  If there is green in it, I haven't seen it yet!!!!

I have noticed others do this too.

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  1. Paint samples are a great idea - and remember - paint dries DARKER. When we painted our Victorian house in CA Don wanted pale pale blue - with white and navy trim. I knew the color he wanted - but the hardest part of the painting job was convincing him that the very pale blue that I picked out would be what he wanted - in the end - and it was exactly as he had hoped - but had we used what he picked we would have had a very dark blue house - it would have blinded us as badly as the hot pink that we covered. LOL

    As for adding yellow to my kitchen - I was thinking of dishes, accents, etc. I love white walls, white cupboards, white appliances, white everything - it is a great background and even when others are painting their walls a pretty color of green, or brown, or even red, I'm busy painting things white - and I love it.