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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Birthday Party

No.  Not their party. But Ashley sure looked good holding her niece Lily....and look at the Baby Bump...hey Rhiley! {3 girls in that pic, x4}
No.  Not Lily. Again.  Great shot of the swirls her hair makes, though. {with help from Ashley and her phone.}
Closer.  The feet of the Birthday Girl!  Aren't those Tinkerbell slippers just the bee's knees???
Ah!  There she is, the vision in white-dress-up-dress, with Mama still trying to help her into the whole costume.  Happy 4th B.Day Megan!

I did get a picture of Megan, for once not holding still.  The picture was too blurry for even me to look at.


  1. Waht lovely photos - what a lovely day - what a great birthday - love those shoes!!!!