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Wednesday, April 08, 2009


My clear new windows are in!!!!!!!!!!!

When I can be dragged away from this sunny corner, maybe.  Messy huh?  Yup. But whats the point in showing you a chair NOT surrounded by creature and comforts?  I do want to make some pillow cases that go with the chair better...or maybe the cat...or the quilt.

I need to take another picture of the view when I am IN the chair. I don't look down on the garage, or the driveway....and once my feet are up on the footstool, I don't even see the toilet!  Though I should get in the habit of putting the lid down so I don't dip my quilt in it.....

The green walls show up better in this picture....need to change them...maybe.  Maybe now with the clear windows and loads of light, the green will look better.....or not.   I can also see the sunsets better from this corner, which would be a good argument for where to put a deck...

Other news around the homestead....Dan had tooth pulled a couple of weeks ago, or rather the remains of a root canal.  Well, now that we have found a dentist he, Dan, actually LIKED, the other teeth in his mouth got  jealous and wanted to be messed with too. So out came another one yesterday. {did you know that the roots of your teeth absorb fluids just like the roots of a plant? learn somethin' new ever' day}

And Steph is home again with a throat/cold/thing.  Darn it! She had all last week of break to get sick, but it waited until Saturday night, of course!

As for me...I have been trying out a diuretic, and I seem to be holding water instead of losing it, go figure!  


  1. I am getting to like it more too...put I don't really look at the walls anymore. Not sure how I will get a picture of it, but our Jack Russell, Page, likes to get up on the chair with me and look out the window too! think I will have to blog about it....LOL