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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Curls, Cupcakes, Crafty, Chair

The blond wisp is Megan's, the dark bit is from a doll....
Re-purposed watch parts into a necklace, by Steph.
Cupcakes for a Princess who turned 4 yesterday. 
Yellow ain't so Mellow anymore.  Check out these great yellow spaces!
This is my chair in my new sunny corner.  Ben found the chair at Goodwill, it's perfect!  He made me a footstool also, which I covered with some green fabric over the extra pillow that came with the chair, blogged a bit ago I believe.  

Anywhoooo....see the green wall behind the chair?  I don't like it.  I am thinking of painting the walls with a yellow....that's why I linked to the blog with lots of pictures of yellow things, not just walls.  I have to admit I really like the purple furniture with the yellow walls....


  1. I love yellow in a room - but I'm not so sure about that yellow radiator. :-)

    I think your room would look great with yellow - it is so springy and bright. I have been planning to redo my kitchen cabinets - paint the bases and put in beadboard doors and drawer fronts (with spoons for the handles and drawer pulls) - I use a lot of red in my kitchen and now I'm considering switching to yellow accessories - we'll see when the time comes - I sure have a lot of red/white things now though.

  2. Maybe keep the red, but add yellow accessories, add more yellow in the painting.