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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Earth Hour

Remember the Earth Hour on Saturday, where we were asked to turn off our lights for an hour??  Well I tried.  We had the grandgirlies here and Megan is at the 'scared of the dark' stage in her almost 4 years.  So I turned off as many things as I could.  Turned out to not be very many, because we already turn off lights 'as we leave the room'.  I just stood there in the middle of the living room wondering where to go next.  Back to the couch.

So what do we do around here?

Recycle.  Yup, since the 1970's. Berkeley was on it.
Twirly light bulbs.  Yup.  Nightlights in other areas to avoid turning on other lights.

Don't water the lawn, do mow it. If I could garden, I would find a way to do it with gray water. House plants and dog water  get watered with last nights water glass leftovers.

Want an instant hot water heater.  Clothesline, pulley kind.


  1. Good job - we did the earth hour too - but didn't have anyone who was afraid of the dark (this year) - our lovely ghosts were out and about.

  2. I forgot all about the earth hour. For the most part I only have one light on anyways.

    Thanks for the tip on watering plants with leftover water and here I have been throwing it out.