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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Girls

Lily was smiling....until I got the camera.  I was going to adjust the picture so you could see her face.  Nah.  WAH was all I found on that face.
She wouldn't hold still either.  See, still no smile.
Not so with Miss Megan, she loves having her picture taken.
We had the girls overnight and I think that had a lot to do with Lily's mood, neither of us slept well.  Megan slept with Steph and they both faired better.  

Spring's ever changing weather has sprung here in the northwest.  I was taking Steph to a friends [we haven't gotten around to getting her license yet] this afternoon and the weather went from sun to rain to hail and back to sun....and that was just while backing out the driveway!

Want to see a great sewing studio being set up?  Go here to see what Teresa is putting together!  Can't wait to see it featured in a magazine!

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  1. Cutie cutie!! We had strange weather up here today too - no hail that I saw, or heard, but the grandsons were in and out all day - it would be windy - then sunny - then hard rain - more wind - they kept that door busy.