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Friday, March 27, 2009

She Passed!! She Can Graduate!

This young woman is my youngest, Stephanie, who graduates from High School in June.  She had to "present her portfolio" yesterday in order to graduate.  She did it!  She got 25 out of 28 possible points, and got kudos from the 2 teachers she was presenting to, for tying  her opening with her ending.
Her 'portfolio' was actually a binder with sample assignments in it.  She also took her laptop in to do a slide show of her pottery, some of the pix she took in Spain {last summer}, and the walls in her room {that she painted last summer after returning from Spain}.  She also talked about her love of math and wanting to go to college.  

She took new pictures of these pots she had made last year in school, and even though I have showed them here before, I am doing it again. The last 2 are actually teapots and do hold water and pour!

Afterwards, the teachers spent some time talking with Steph, and gave her some advice about college life, that they learned from their children.

Now for Spring Break!


  1. Congratulations to Stephanie!
    Her pots are wonderful. I don't remember seeing them before.
    You must be so proud of her accomplishments. Best wishes.

  2. Congratulations - you've all done it!!! Wonderful ceramics - shows a very creative mind.