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Friday, March 27, 2009

Variety Friday.....

if you say that fast, it almost rhymes.  Anyway.  This ring is one from my mothers late teen years.  One of her art teachers gave it to her.  It's a design by the jewelery artist Margaret De Patta  
Stephanie loves the ring and gets all sorts of compliments on it.
Trash.  I went through all the floppies we had pix on and downloaded them to the computer, before I can't find a floppy drive on the planet. 
Cost. The yellow highlighted area on the price tag, that the cat is sniffing, reads "41.26"....for the bit of plastic you see next to the box. {I paid less thanks to insurance} Don't you wish you had invented the damn thing?
This year in ceramics class, Stephanie is making plates because she wants a set of her own and because she loves this glaze. Cat approved.  The plate is made with a press thingie....have to get back to you on this one. [Click the link to see what the thingie is.]
Dye.  I dyed the clothesline for the bag I am crocheting.
Handle.  This is the start of the handle for the bag.  It may change.
Bag. Handle. Clothesline.
Cat.  I did a simple running stitch on the lines of the cat, that I traced from the picture I showed you a few days ago.  Ashley did this drawing long ago, the back of the paper says "1993" but I don't think that is correct.  I added this date anyway, and Ashley's initials.  This will be part of a quilt for her daughter.

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