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Sunday, February 22, 2009

In Some Places, Size DOES Count

My brother and sister in law live in Small Town, Can.A.Da.  So what do you do on Small Town Saturdays?  You go find the Beast you hear is being moved to the north.....well...not this guy....he is something they see every time they drive to Edmonton, The Big City. This truck is being taken south for repairs.
This is the Beast.....

This is a Pressure Vessel, something needed in Ft. McMurray where there is oil.  There are 2 trucks pulling it, as you can see in this picture, and 3 pushing it [you can see 2 of them side by side in the picture above].  This does not make tight turns!  It seems all the low hanging signs and power lines have to be taken down before it can pass.  Can you picture this scene in L.A.?  Sure beats watching paint dry!

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  1. And they say there is nothing to do in Small Town. :-)