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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Feeling Sad today

Our cat RocketMan, the big orange guy in front, his face isn't so pretty today, the right side of his nose is all swollen.  We, well, the Vet, thought it was an infection, and it responded to meds.  It was about a week later that it started swelling again.  The Vet is pretty sure, now, that it's a tumor. We have him home now, but .....


  1. Awww - my heart goes out to you. We lost our Miss Kitty this year. It is so hard after having our fur friends for so long. She was just old old old and sick and we couldn't let her suffer. Ben still talks about her and we bought him a toy cat and he named her Miss Kitty. For Halloween he had a costume his mom made of a gray sweatshirt with a "cat" tummy stitched on - ears on the hood and then a tail attached to his grey sweatpants - and his face painted like a cat - so he could be Miss Kitty. Such fond memories we all have of her - and lots of pictures.

  2. I'm so sorry, Vicky. Alexis