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Monday, February 23, 2009

Spirals, Dragons, aRobot, Color

From my mom we have inherited hair that begins in the back with a Spiral, A, as in singular.  But looking upon Lily's head the other day, I noticed she has 2...Dual Spirals....going in opposite directions. {I couldn't hold her on my knee and get a good pick at the same time.} Sweet.

Dragon looking leaves on a sweet potato...or is it the yam?  Anyway, love the micro focus on my camera, gets the hair on the plant stem and the stray cat hair....
Ashley gave Stephanie this cup because of the robot on it.  The wings for a handle are pretty cool too. Notice how cheap this is...the candy sits up above the rim in the first shot, but that is just a trick. That plastic piece in my hand holds the candy up. Makes a great pencil jar, though.

Have I mentioned before how much I love color?  This I found on eBay. It came in multiple packs of thread.  Not the greatest of fiber, but should work wonders for couching and other embellishing.

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