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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Whats on your design wall???  The very dusty start of a quilt.  The top section is what I have gotten stitched together the last few days.  The first 3  blocks on the left side are from a quilt that had been given to a dog.....grrrrrrrr.......These are the blocks I rescued.  The bottom one is an embroidery I rescued from a shirt I made many many decades ago.  On the right side of the wall is a dragonfly pincushion.  I put that together in about 5 minutes because my design wall needed a pin cushion of it's own. I figure it will become a cat toy, so I didn't waste much energy on it.  On the lower right is a book, a very large size book.  I love that book.

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  1. Well - right now nothing is on my design wall - but I love what is on yours. What a shame that quilt was given to a dog - the blocks you rescued look like it must have been a great quilt. That butterfly gives me an idea - I love to crochet and I love butterflies - hmmmmm.

    Oh and that One Block Wonder - I am amazed at those but have never been brave enough to try one - you colors are stunning.

    And I love that book too - we bought it for our grandson before he was born.