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Thursday, January 08, 2009

You Can Do It...

Pieceful Afternoon commented on the quilt on my design wall, thank you, and how she was afraid to try a One-Block-Wonder of which there is now a second book, BTW.  [Go see my Orange Roughy quilt!]

So, Joann, have you tried a Stack 'n' Whack?  The cutting and piecing are about the same, but use different sorts of prints [fabrics] to get the different looks.  I love both!  I have been a Bethany Reynolds fan for years now!!  I even took a Quilt University class from her. I think quilts of that era are on my webshots pages.  In fact, the butterfly print I used for the class project was one Bethany had also and we discovered that it wasn't that great for a Stack 'n' Whack quilt.  So she learned something also.  [i need to look at the quilt to remember what the problem was....]

Stack 'n' Whack quilts use fabrics that are bold, colorful, novelty.
One Block Wonder quilts use a print with a "limited" palette.  

So both are fun.  I think the hardest thing is not spending thousands of dollars on fabrics that fit both methods!  I may not have spent that much money, but I still have quite a few fabrics I can use for both these methods.


  1. I have tried a stack n whack - but the person teaching me kept grabbing the rotary cutter and the fabric and "helping" me - so I didn't really get to learn it - but I spose with instructions I could get the hang of it. I do love your quilts!!!!

  2. Love the quilt on your design wall! (hey are those other blocks from the Prairie Block swap on like 5 or 6 years ago?)

  3. P.A.~ There are some pretty clear pictures on Bethany's website, not to mention getting either of the books from the Library. I think Bethany's is a little clearer on how to stack the fabrics.

    Yup, those would be the Prairie Block swap blocks. Did you do one too? I hated that the dog ate mostly OTHER peoples blocks and not mine. I would have kept more of them if I could.