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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

12 Weeks 5 Days

That is how far Ashley is along in her pregnancy.  Due Date July 16!!!!!!!

Ok, for us, July has always been Ben's month. No other birthdays near that date.  And then.....Lily Mae came along.  That was ok, that was Ben's daughter, so she could be born in July if she wanted to.  So not only did she pick her daddy's birthday to be born on, but she missed his birthTIME by 3 minutes....3 minutes!!!

Now Ben's sister is going to have a July....So it looks like we will have 2 birthday months from now on, Oct [which includes Ashley's on Nov 1 in my book] has 3 birthdays and now July looks like it will have 3 also.  

Do you care?  Most are probably shaking your heads.  But to us, it matters.  As it should.

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  1. July is a big birthday month for us - Cody was born on Joe's mom's birthday - 7/22 - so that was cool! My nephew Rusty shares his birthday with his brother's twin daughters too - 7/17 - amazing.