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Monday, January 05, 2009

A Rug

I hope I haven't bored showed you this yet.  It's a small rug for Dan to put his tootsie on when he is in his computer room.  He enclosed a small area of the garage to set up his computer, so he didn't have to heat the whole garage.  But it still has a cement floor which is cold, so I used up yarn for a little rug. It's not quite squared, but say la vie!  I used three strands of wool yarn, so it's nice and thick.  I would have been bigger had I had more yarn.

I have also done some sewing the last 2 days, pix tomorrow...maybe...


  1. Pretty Rug - and warm tootsies are always a bonus.

  2. good for you! you've done more knitting/sewing than I have the last few days. I'm sure Dan appreciates you!