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Friday, January 02, 2009


Dorothy loves a list.  I love a list too.  So I will copy Dorothy and make a list of things I would like to get done in 2009!

1. Get a back Deck Built!
1a. that includes a 'sun' room, have big windows already!

2. Get front yard 'landscaped' to remove any trace of grassy parts that require mowing.  So basically zero-scape it.

3. Sew.  Lots. (check other list)

4.  Mess with yarn.  Have some ornament ideas to use the colors I got on my birthday. {does that count for revealing "secrets", ladies?}

5.  Welcome Ashley and Danny's child this summer. 

6. Get Stephanie graduated from HS and started in college.

7. Start prepping (collecting junk)  for some 'family crafting' ideas for the next holidays.  {I want us to  make ornaments, now that 2/3 of my kids have their own trees.}

8. ??Get a live tree for Christmas '09 to plant in yard in '10.?? {it might not be pine, depends on what we want in the front yard}

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