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Friday, January 16, 2009

Property Line

When we bought this place, we couldn't find the property makers.  Not a big deal. We just put the backyard fence around the existing grassy area. We knew our line didn't go back that far, but if you go much further, you are walking on the hiway.  We did finally find out that our property starts in the middle of the private road out front, not where we thought.
Anyway.....I got up this morning and discovered 2 guys walking on the other side of the fence.  Seems one of the guys is the new property owner, and he was helping the other guy survey his property.  Boy were we wrong about the back yard!  So we have to move the fence, shorten the dogs area, lose all the extra mowing area.....oh darn.  That fugly trailer and car back there....that will get hauled out....double darn.

In the top picture, thank you Google, I put an X on our house because the actual house in the picture is gone.  It was demolished a few years ago. 

This should be interesting! I will keep you posted. Wonder if I should wait to get the deck started.....Might be a good idea, huh?


  1. Vicky, that's kinda different from buying property here. You have to get a survey and title search before closing the deal and having the deed recorded at the county seat. I actually sat on a jury one time where the property owner was suing a neighbor for putting in a fence too far over on the other guy's lot. Yeah I think I'd wait before starting the deck. How about the folks on either side of you - are they having to move fencing too?

  2. I would wait on the new deck.
    We bought a lot next door and asked the seller to find the property markers. There was a fence four feet inside the property line. We asked that the fence be moved back to the line before we closed the deal. They moved it and we bought the lot.
    My son is a licensed surveyor with a big engineering firm. Survey work is very expensive.
    If the new line looks okay to you, sign an agreement and record it with the property records. Land owners can do this and make it official so there is never a question in the future.

  3. We don't have a problem with the new line, it's just kind of a shock to see how off we were on our guess. The new guy wants to put up a hedge ...probably about where our fence is now, so that was a problem with him. So long as ALL of the garage is on our side, we are cool with the whole thing!!! LOL

    For now we will work on the front yard and the patio idea. And if we put the sunroom/deck on the side of the house where the huge driveway is, we will see the sunsets better! Course I will have to put up a 'wall' on the street side for 'privacy'.

  4. Wonder what the new neighbor is going to put on the lot?