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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cartoons from Friends

Do you have friends that send you funny pix and cartoons?  I do. Sometimes there is one that fits to a T.  Like this one. Ok...I re-touched it to 'fit' us, but....Pretend that's Ashley and I standing next to each other.
This one also fits me.  I just mentioned the other day how Menopause is making me psycho....I have blurted out a few things I wouldn't have in my younger 2 years ago.
This one?  I found this one on someone else's blog, but it just happens to fit something Stephanie, Mom and I were talking about the other day, during our "help with homework hour."  NO we do not DO Steph's homework. We help her bounce ideas around, give examples from the past, etc. Steph is 18, Mom is 80-something....that's a lot of era to cover and every student should be so lucky.
And this?  Well, when Dan showed me the Homemade RV's in my last post, it made me think of one of the cars my parents had.  It was called a Borgward....then Mom remembered it was called the "Borgward Isabella TS." But this car doesn't ring any bells with either of us.  Of course, I only remember the car from pictures.....Mom and I both remember the car being rounder, like a Bug, and I remember the doors opening wrong.  Any ideas?


  1. The car was real. See this:

  2. it's funny....Mom even flash-remembered the name of the car, etc., but that is not the car that we remember. It would have been 1957-8 -ish.....