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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fabric, Tea, Megan, RV's

Pretty eclectic pictures today.
First....Dan wanted me to see these RV's....pretty slick huh?  And look. A. Pink. One.  {we find that many RV interiors are pink}
My DIL Kacie and HER daughters, Megan and Lily.
A pink baby.  That bassinet is history as of yesterday.  I went to get the waking babe and she was working her way OUT of the bed. Smiling, of course.
Megan loves to have her picture taken.  This time I made use of Picasa to make up a collage. Of Megan.
My mom, Evelyn, and I were invited to tea yesterday by Evelyn and Megan. Evelyn is my son's Grandmother-In-Law. My mothers MIL was an Evelyn also.
And the last for best....fabric.  Fabric.  Fabric that was on sale.  I am thinking of making a dress-ish sort of thing for Megan.  I seem to have forgotten the rest of this paragraph, oh my.  I meant to include "I want to use the flower and riboons fabrics for the dress for Meg-a-roo, and Steph may have claimed the purple for herself.  The green may go to Kacie for curtians...??? She mentioned recently wanting green curtains, so I grabbed this while I could.  If not, it can always be part of a quilt!" {added a few hours later!}


  1. Dress-ish sort of thing? You mean a dress? Or a jumper? That orange and flower combo would look darling as a little high-waisted sundress.

  2. Everything is wonderful - the pictures - the little girls - the fabrics - the RVs - the tea party. Simply delightful.

  3. Dorothy the sundress is just what I what I want to do with that flower fabric, high waist and all. I could even see it in my head, but can't for the life of me think why I didn't say that in the first place?? Ah well, sundress it is, thanks to you!

  4. Jo...Joann....which do you prefer?

    thank felt good posting these pictures!

  5. great pictures! those RVs are a hoot. the fabrics are just wonderful.