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Monday, January 12, 2009

Cats and Yarn

Rocket loves loves loves this afghan.  I will hear mom's call, and I can always tell by the sound of her voice, that she needs rescuing from this beast of burden.  You can see that Page isn't helping!
A hat. I got this wonderful yarn called "Calico Cat~ Magic Ball" from Emily Parson.   She combines many different colors of yarn into a ball large enough to make a scarf.  More pix on this here.
Stephanie saw the yarn and loved it and even knew exactly what she wanted from it! What could I do???  I made her a 'hat with flaps', of course There are tassels yet to be sewn on too, at the ends of the "I-cord". {crocheted "idiot cord"}
She wouldn't let me photo it on a doll, or herself, so I used the next best thing....a lamp shade of course.
This last item is a scarf.  Stephanie was cleaning out her closet and found a bucket of misc. stuff, including....YARN ....No...Yes!  So one+ of 3 skeins later we have this.  And enough to make another one for another!  They will be for Ashley and Kacie, not Steph, for the upcoming Valentines Day color scheme.

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