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Saturday, January 17, 2009

FISH more Fabric

FISH= fondling+inhaling+stroking+holding  Fabric.

More new fabric.  I needed something to go with the leaves print you see draped across the selection.  I purchased these from Thousands of Bolts, where the prices are good ALL the time.  If you have already clicked on the FISH link above, you might notice that the leaves fabric in my hands is the one here.  I have posted 2 pix of the same thing because of the different ways the flash does things. Not to mention the different ways I do things to flashed pictures. 

So am doing ok as far as supporting the sagging economy?  

Sheesh....forgot to mention the 4 cotton batts and 2 big things of Tacky Glue that came in today too.  The batt was on clearance from Joanns, and whether the glue was on sale, can't remember, but it doesn't matter, needed it anyway.


  1. Oh those colors are delicious enough to be made into a cake and eaten. Just lovely.

  2. wow! I lurve those fabrics!!! what are you going to make???