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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ashley loves these jeans.  This time I had to rebuild the butt.  I have taught my children far as recycling goes. [and now I have the song "Teach Your Children Well...."  stuck in my head] 
You can see the older repairs there, the darker spots.
Ashley got her picture in our local paper, along with a complete article about the small store where she works.  This area of the Puget Sound has little 'mom and pop' stores scattered all among the backwoods.

Stephanie has a friend [female, before you ask]  who likes to go all out for Stephs birthday.....the little pumpkin above, this rose cupcake [amazing thing, tons of frosting!] .....

 and yellow roses......I liked this blurry one Steph took....
this Barbie and Skipper have nothing to do with the birthday.  I just happened to come across it, on eBay I think, and got a kick out of it.  I have the same skirt B. is wearing, but mine is gray.  Pretty sure I had that Skipper too.

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