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Friday, October 17, 2008

End of the Line

Since the weather has cooled, it has been brought to our attention once more that the room my mom has moved into is on the end of the line.  The forced air line. By the time the heat gets to her room, it blows whispers out of the vent.  So I got one of these for her vent. 
It works really the living room on the vent behind the couch.  Mom didn't like it, the fan was to loud. Admittedly, the 'whisper quiet' fan is more like a stage whisper.  

So I came up with another idea, make my mom a mummy suit.  Maybe out of fleece, or crocheted? [I don't knit]
It would cover every part of her that gets cold, which is just about every part of her. I could put fun buttons on the front to close it up, give it a butt flap so she wouldn't have to crawl out of it.....maybe leave the finger tips open too.  Trick or Treat Mom!

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