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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

3 Rugs and Driftwood

Rug 1 is torn fabric-->crochet a chain-->sew into an oval. I got the middle pink to flatten, not so with the outer pink-->frog that.
Rug 2 is fugly-->try to make better. canvas and paint.

Rug 3 is done and installed in the house-->dollhouse that is, arrangement by Megan,3, then Ashley, 20. crocheted circle of white yarn with embroidery thread stitched throughout.I can't get good pix of my bathroom. Try not to let the stickers on the windows talk to you....garland by Steph-->wire-->driftwood and rocks.
More of our driftwood, the bigger pieces, and an almost good shot of the wall color. Yes that's a lacy doily on the corner 'shelf' [bare board stuck there] and one of my grandmothers table covers [don't think it's large enough to be considered a tablecloth.]

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  1. Is the green between the windows a fairly accurate colour? It's GORGEOUS!