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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


today, Ashley [20] came by with Megan [3] to take me [51] shopping with my mom [87]. Ashley was driving her car. As we were at the cross street near my house, a van with an older couple was making a left turn from the cross street, going away from us. For some reason I glanced to the under area of the van and was shocked to see...well...something. I am pretty sure it was a dog....stuck under the car and being dragged along. I told Ashley we needed to follow that van and stop them. [In the meantime she had made the left turn onto the cross street, away from where the van was going.] She didn't want to. Many reasons later, we were quite a ways from that corner. I understand all her reasons, but I still feel bad for not following that van.....

Ashleys reasons== it might not have been a dog. True. The driver was older, she didn't want to scare them by chasing them and honking at them. Point taken.

Added mom reason== Ashley's age, teens don't usually like to do that kind of thing, and she still has some teen moments in her....may she always!

I still feel really bad about this though.


  1. ..and Megan..she may not have needed to see "what" it was. Mommies of all ages have a certain sense about "stuff".

  2. True. Ashley isn't Meg's mom, but being a close aunt and living with Meg, makes her a close relation to Meg. I think that sentence redundant-ed itself. But the mommie in me still feels bad for the dog, if that's what it was....