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Monday, April 21, 2008

Bookmarks, Light bulbs and Paint...oh my!

Book marks. Seriously. I found that using a giant paper clip and ribbon makes a great bookmark that NEVER gets lost....while attached to the book at least. I didn't have much ribbon for all these, so I made strips of fabric 'ribbon' for them instead.
See, you attach the paper clip to the back cover of your book, and it stays there. Period.
WTF???? Its me. As a Flat Stanley It is going to go with my journal, that will go meet my online friends in person.
Light bulbs, not energy efficient, but out of 10 that go over the bathroom sinks, only 4 get actually screwed all the way in. The others are just for looks. Once they are all blown, then we will get CFL's. The gold things are part of the fixtures, we will be spray painting them all silver. Easy way to update the whole shebang for small expense....well....almost no expense since we already have the can of spray paint.Paint. Again. This is in my bathroom. Finally got the green on....but it's not exactly the green I wanted, so I only did 3 of the walls. {ok, Steph did 98% of the painting, sheesh} I want to try to make a yellow-green like this smear on the wall that Steph and I mixed up from the green and some yellow craft paint.
The ladder is covered with tape and if you look closely, you will see 2 different colors on it. That's because we found that the tape was re-usable after the first round around the windows with the white. The tape is still usable for the 3rd round. Frugal, eh?The yellow-green will go into the shower alcove, which is dark, and 2 other walls. We have 8 wall surfaces in the bathroom.


  1. I like the book mark idea.I think I'll make some thanks for sharing. Also like the bathroom paint so far. Looking forward to seeing pictures when it's finished.

  2. I think the bookmarks are neat. But, I really don't quite get how they go together.

  3. Christine normally I take a length of ribbon and tie it to the giant paper clip. Then make a knot at the end of the ribbon that hangs in your book, weighs it down a bit. That's it.

    For these, I stitched the 'ribbon' to the p.c. instead.