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Friday, April 25, 2008

Storybook Wallie is Done!

Done. The binding is the backing brought around to the front. Easy Peasy. I also realized that this one is almost all hand done. I did one line of machine stitching, where I attached the 'road' for the Ducklings, as in Make Way For Ducklings.
I took Harold's Purple Crayon all over, even making words to fit the stories. This one is for Polar Express. And that amoeba looking blob in front of the train??? That is supposed to be a bell, a sleigh bell.
The Giving Tree....
The Kissing Hand, tho I cut off "kiss" with the camera....
Megan's curl got a bit of color. I crocheted it from ecru cotton, then dabbed on some yellow and brown All-Purpose Ink.

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