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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pine Lake~ DONE!!!!!

Sorry about the blurry picture, I was shaking with joy. We also have an optical illusion with the way the ceiling goes up. The black things on the wall are straight, we used a level. I will get a better picture soon so you can see the way we hung this off a crooked stick.
Sunday was dog clipping day. Both Abby, above, and Page, below, got hair cuts. Page is getting more spots! She is a Jack Russell in a dalmatian costume.
I didn't get my 10 minutes of quilting in for 2 days this last week. Sunday was busy, what with Megan running around making the fur fly! Literally.
This picture is of 2 cards Stephanie made for 2 of the many generous people to contribute to her Spain travel fund. She spent a lot of time working on these, and were of course muchas grande in person. [is that the correct sentiment?]
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  1. I really, really like your new wallie. The hanging stick is faboo!

  2. That's a pretty sight to see. Good for you. You won't have to pine for the pines.

  3. The hanging stick was one Dan picked up on a road trip. A generic stick, as opposed to the driftwood we always brought home. He sat by the campfire peeling off the bark and made a walking stick, that walked right up the wall for me.

    Christine I now need to find a glop of resin and smear it somewhere to sniff at now and then...