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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Depression..Depressing Subject, Huh?!

Reading another blog, he raised the question...
"JUST CURIOUS Do you do more quilting in the colder and darker half of the year? Are you happy with your progress over the winter? "
In the comments, several agreed that quilting is a way of holding depression at bay. I agree. But what really worked for me, that meds could never have helped, was moving. Seriously. I lived in among trees for 14 years, getting more and more depressed. It wasn't because of the trees, it was because the trees covered the sky. I couldn't see into the distance. I would look out a window at...well...trees. And more trees. Oh look, more trees out that window.

I don't hate trees. I just need to see sky too. Right after we moved into this new place, I mentioned it to my mom, and she said, "Yes, that's all you needed, to see for a distance" How simple a statement, but so profound. Is that the correct meaning?

I still look out at trees, but they are lovely ones that I can also see past. I can see other trees wayyyyyyyyy over there, against the blue sky, which is sometimes white because this is Washington State after all.

This last year has been a very creative one for me, and gets more creative every day! Ok, I took some time out in early winter to hibernate, but unlike that groundhog, I have sprung out to meet the spring, way back since...well...groundhog day probably!

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