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Monday, March 17, 2008


My next door neighbor had 3 trees cut down, and the logs left behind. I asked her for a slab so I can make a mantle. So this is Ben and his trusty electric chainsaw making the first slab. He figures he can cut 2 more at the least so we have some choices. No fireplace for a mantle, but why should that stop me? Below, Megan crowned me! What a wonderful granddaughter.
Can't hide the other chin at all.
Pieces from a wooden puzzle put tog to make a viewing area for animals. Megan did this, almost 3 years old. Very good with her fingers!
My RocketScientist [R] and her fellow female [L] classmate in chemistry class last Steph is the only female in the class in the whole school.
Danny and Ashley finished the big block placement in front. These are cement blocks that came with the property [reusing here] It's how some manufactured homes were set up on land, as opposed to setting them up on water....*smirk*....we have long cement slabs under the this house. Darn grass is poking thru the mulch.

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