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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cats & Threads

See, I do have 2 cats. Rarely do they 'agree' to be in the same photo though. Ok, with all the saving of money we have been doing, so Stephanie can travel to Spain with other students, I have usually just looked, maybe 'added to cart', but not actually clicked the 'purchase' button. Until last week. I am thinking of doing a trout for the Pine Lake quilt. If you look at a much better picture of a trout than I show here, you will see how colorful they are.
So I got a wide variety of DMC Color Variations floss.
I have a hard time picking colors willy nilly, I tend to want them all, so I try to have a 'pattern' in mind. When all I did was cross stitch, it was ok to get whatever, whenever because of course I had to have all the colors!Included in the package from Nordic Needle. com was a catalog. So I looked in it, duh.
I found this in the book section....
This is incredible, all done in threads! [the link will take you to the google.books, i hope]


  1. I've been wanting to stitch a trout for my brother for a long time now. I like the colors you've picked for this. I'm so like you with the floss. I even went on line to make a list of every color of DMC so that I could check off the colors I didn't have, then when Joann's put them on sale for 5 or 6 for $1 I made sure I had every color. But, you know, you get it, you MUST have them all!

  2. So how would you do the trout Mary? I am trying to figure out how I want to go at it...probably a "long and short" stitch mix? [don't have my stitch book next to me]