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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I want to say Hi to my Brother

I have some weird superstitions, and one of them is sending get well cards to people who have under gone serious heart surgery. So my brother won't get a card from me. I did propose a toast to him, scroll down to see that. So, Hi Scotty!

[I also won't allow anyone in the house to change a calendar over to the next month until the first of that new month. And I plan to send about 300 pairs of underwear with Steph when she goes to Spain, hoping to ward some of the things that happen to travellers, which I won't say outloud]

1 comment:

  1. Hope your brother is doing well.
    I have some weird superstitions too. Here's just a few.
    #1.Don't gossip or brag it will come back to bite you.
    #2.The color green in the bedroom is bad luck.
    #3 If you say something would never happen to you,knock on wood.
    There's a few others, some too creepy to talk about. Now that I know yours I'll probably adopt them I have a habit of doing that. LOL