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Thursday, March 06, 2008


My Bookcase. Ok, OUR bookcase. My husband doesn't like the 'messiness' of a bookcase, but he wasn't brought up in a reading household, poor thing. The reason for these pix is this handsome plaster polar bear. I found him on a clearance shelf in some craft store years ago and he has only been out to play at Christmas. Until now. I decided to start dressing him up and am waiting for someone to notice. His scarf is a fashionable selvage scrap from the Pine Lake quilt trimmings. The driftwood is from the beach.Book ends. I have had these Abe Lincoln bookends from my childhood, probably from my dads childhood.Another driftwood piece with pine cones.
2 of the jars hold sand, the left hand one is sand from Tasmania!!!! The red on the right is from Mars. I wish. It's from Utah and Wyoming. The other jar holds pebbles/rocks from various road trips.


  1. I am a book junkie! I have way way too many books and they just keep coming. The only thing that makes my husband crazier is the magazine subscriptions...out of control.

  2. We have lots of books too. My family are big readers DH's not so much.
    I love those Abraham Lincoln book ends! What are they made out of?

  3. Sheri... "book ends! What are they made out of?"

    Something heavy.

    snort, snicker, hack hack....

    Seriously, I know they are metal, but don't know which one.

  4. LOL, Was wondered if they were wood or some kind of metal. Now I know :)