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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Quilt Backing

My online friend Jeri was grumbling about the backing of her quilt being a bit smaller than the front...after she had it all sandwiched and loaded on the long arm, of course. She walked away from it for the time being.

I would have thrown knives at it, launched paintballs at it, let the cats sleep on it....Or just quilted it as is. Why? Because I am not that concerned with things being square. It is something that drives my Stephanie crazy! Her mathematical RocketScientist mind does not go for catty-whomp-us. I have tried to make her happy while keeping my true self happy too. This, below, will not make her happy....
This is the backing for Pine Lake. The Debbie Mumm pine print is not quite wide enough, so I added some planks to the side....fabric planks of course.

Now, to keep Steph happy, I would have to put the planks on both sides. But considering its the BACK of the quilt, I figure the planks can stay on one side. But a 'leetle voice inside my hade' says "put the damn planks on both sides you dim wit"....could my daughter be rubbing off on me??? Or is my true self more square than I thought?

[btw, i love this mumm print, that I got years ago, and am glad i am using it as a whole piece]


  1. Don't listen to that voice in your head. It's just a back! =) I've seen a lot of antique quilts that were beautiful on the front, and the back was just whatever, wherever. Probably wouldn't even get into a big juried quilt show today, but I much prefer them to a lot of what does. =) Be uniquE!

  2. I can SO identify with Steph, mine MUST be symetrical. If not, it makes me lean..or tilt my head..or GO FIX IT, lol. Actually it's not a comfortable affliction.

  3. Go with what you've got. Get it finished so you can enjoy it.

  4. funny...I read Q~F's comment to Steph, who then needed to read what I wrote. After snorting at my joke about "leetle hade", which she started, she agreed. The whomp-us-ness has got to change...

    we'll see.

  5. I so agree,. If the top looks good, great! The rest is functional.

  6. I would only add the planks on one side. That is one place where you can be a little wonky and off center and most people will never even look at it.