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Friday, January 04, 2008

Flashback Friday

Yesterday I told you I love all things pine. I don't even mind pitch, to much. My love for pine started in my own front yard. My dad had planted a tree, he called it a Monterrey Pine, I will have to take his word for it. But this photo shows one that looks like mine did, so...Anyway, the branches in that tree grew in a spiral, like a spiral staircase, and that's exactly how I climbed it. I loved sitting in the top branches and looking down on the neighborhood. My dad had added junipers all around the base of the tree, so you had to be pretty determined to get thru them to the tree! Mom would make me rake the fallen needles off the cement driveway when they got really thick and the car didn't want to go up to the street. Course the car was a bitty Honda Civic.....[picture it in orange]
We also vacationed in the Sierra Nevada's every summer, so there is the mountain tie in [with the quilt]. And mom collected pine cones everywhere we went. I didn't gain an appreciation for pine needles until I lived in Sierra City...pine needles as a 'craft source' that is.

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