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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More Pine Lake quilt

I wanted to continue the path going to the cabin, but I wanted a crooked one. Cutting the fabric free hand wasn't very good, so I made a paper pattern. See the 2 pairs of scissors? Neither pair is to be used on PAPER [insert shudder] so I had to either get up, and go get a pair of PAPER scissors, or just tear the pattern out....I tore. Then cut out my new path, pinned, basted and started appliqueing.
another shot. The yellowish thing on my scissors is a scrap of family KNOWS this means they are FABRIC scissors, meant for cutting FABRIC ONLY. [yes, I have to sometimes get loud about this point as new 'family' members are added, like boyfriends and dil's]
Click the pic if you wanna see my living room at the moment. The quilt on the floor [insert gasp] is the Beach Blanket Bingo I made years ago for taking to the beach and laying on the sand [insert smelling salts?] We have no flooring in yet, thus the mostly painted floor, and no rug to go over that flooring, that we don't have yet.
The crooked path dates back to the crooked railing we had on our crooked steps...the steps were level, the path up the slope, was not. This was to the house in Sierra City, California.


  1. Oh, this is looking intriguing! Hey, the quilt will wash - as long as there are no shoes on it!

  2. my luck...there would be shoes thrown in too. Actually the quilt is to busy looking on the floor, but then, what better to hide the shoes on???