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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Foot note....

That "lovely tiara" as Dorothy calls it, is ideal for doing needlework in the dark! My family loves to watch movies/tv in the dark, which has cut back on my stitching time, let me to ya. Not anymore! I sat in the dark room with my headlight on and stitched away! Pix tommrow.


  1. Ain't it grand? Just don't forget to take it off before you answer the door. Or do, "forget" especially if it's a boyfriend. "MOOOM!!! You're embarrassing me in front of my friends!" Kids are such fun to play with. ;o)

  2. Great idea! I bought those for the grandsons Christmas before last just for play. I never thought of using them for close hand work.

  3. Dorothy, luckily the boyfriend is used to me looking like a space cadet, so I can't embarrass them that way...but there are other ways, don't worry. Course they tried embarrassing me last night by watching American Pie and making teen/crude comments....Of course I just sat there with my headlamp on and stitched away.

    Sheri this thing is great even if you have lights on in the room, I need the light night on my hands....and new glasses, but that's beside the point.