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Monday, January 14, 2008

Pine Lake~ 5

The pine cone is stitched. The rust color looks a little off in the picture, like it doesn't belong, but when you see the real deal, it looks better. Now to sandwich and quilt this, all separate from the quilt so far. I will applique it on.
And here is the handy gadget that has helped me with the needlework. Dorothy got one a couple of years ago, and I have wanted one ever since, so when the girls found this one at Target, into the cart it went! I couldn't find the exact product, but this is close. The lamp is positional, so I can look down at my work with the light just where I need it, yet look up at someone without blinding them!


  1. Lovely tiara, princess. Welcome to the royal family. ;o) That pine cone would make a lovely jewel atop your scepter.

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  3. I think the pine cone is wonderful. I'll love seeing it on your quiltlet. That's an awesome light. I will look next time I get to go to a Target!