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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tree Removal

The trees next door that are being removed are getting smaller....The 'stump' is the first tree, which got cut down even further today. This shot is from my back door area. The tree dudes had called the 1st tree a 'bushy' one, meaning it had mass amounts of branches. But I didn't realize HOW bushy it was until I saw the neighbors roof, which I couldn't really see before. I will take more pix later today. The neighbor is having these removed for safety. Last winters really bad wind storm left the top half of a tree in her house.

Ok, I went to see the progress being made on the 2nd tree. Check this out, I go this picture snapped just as the branch was falling!!! [the dark line is my roof]
And this is the 3rd tree they will take down. [thats my garage roof.]


  1. It looks like a good idea to get the trees down. Will you or your neighbor plant more - shorter ones that won't grow quickly - to take their places?

  2. I plan to plant some others, not sure what the neighbor will do. I may also talk Dan into planting a laurel hedge in leu of a fence...if the neighbor oks the idea, that is. She likes the fence for sound barrier reasons.