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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Funny Cat

The other day Stephanie told me in passing...."I had to fight the cat for the toilet this morning, he was determined to use it."

Out back this morning was a black cat...a HUGE black cat....thick tail, glowing eyes, did I mention he was very large? His/her head came up to the bumper of the car back there while he/she was sitting....huge.


  1. Two years in a row I had a black cat cross the street in front of my car on Halloween!
    I looked up the meaning. It said "the devil had his eye on you" Good to know. LOL
    I guess he lost interest because that was several years ago and it hasn't happened again:)

  2. Clever you looking up the meaning...I let that one pass me by, but I do look up all sorts of odd ball things.

    I would like to see the black cat again, he was a beaut from here, and if I were any good at guessing distance, I would mention that.