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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Orange Roughy

click the pix to see larger Top left cornerBottom left corner
Bottom right corner
Top right corner
It's DONE! and just in time too. The Raffle is this weekend, wanna buy a ticket? The proceeds are going to help with travel expense's for the whole group of kids who are signed up to go to Spain and Morocco in June 2008. There are about 16 students signed up, I believe. This isn't the only fundraiser the group is doing, but this is the one, the BIG one, that I have contributed to. The Quilt will be on display at the High Schools Holiday Extravaganza this weekend. {that's South Kitsap High School, WA state}


  1. love the quilt~~ how would we buy a ticket and how much are they?

  2. It is so bright and beautiful. Orange is my favorite color! How do we buy tickets?