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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Photos of Fun

Our tree, is a very very very fine tree.... With 1 cat in the room..I shrank the pic because the tree looks so fake in the flash....oh wait IS fake. This was the first item up on the wall. This is a House Warming Wallie made with blocks from friends. 3 of us were moving in 2006, so we each got wallies.
The stockings were hung by the videos with care. Notice the bookcase was moved....the girls rearranged the furniture on Sunday. I made the stockings, the bag is store bought. Ben's stocking is at Ben's house, someday the 2 middle stockings will go to new homes too with the girls....Need I say more?
This is how Daddy found out he was going to be a Daddy x 2....
and with the help of this shirt too. Kacie made them for herself and the Meg-a-roo, who is the BIG Sister. [Due date of July 17, 2008, 2 days before Ben's birthday, what a great present!]
This is a ceramic tea pot made by Steph. the class assignment was "copy something" ceramic. So she found this in a magazine and copied it. {to the original artist...sorry, take it up with the teacher.} It's really cool, but doesn't quite stand solid so it stays laying on its side.


  1. yay! pictures! love the wallie, and Meg's & Kacie's shirts. too cute!

  2. Wonderful decorating. =) I love that ceramic pot!

  3. Pretty decorating. I wish I had mine done.

  4. thank you jeri and susan...i told steph you loved the pot. sheri..there is a hope chest FULL of decor, and it is staying there! we got out a zen's worth, and left the victorians share.

    *wink wink*