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Friday, November 23, 2007

No Medical Insurance

Several years ago we had to drop my husband off the medical insurance we had thru this state. It's for those who aren't eligible for free medical, and can't afford insurane on their own. Great plan, but once it got to 200$ a month for Dan and I, we had to drop him. And now I have been dropped. Dan got a raise recently, 50 cents an hour. It put us over the cut-off limit by 45$. There is no gray area with insurance companies. I really needed a gray area.

I got this in today's e-mail, from AARP, it's about Medical Care for all Americans. How fitting.


  1. We don't have medical insurance, either. It would take $1700 of my pension *every month*! Bah, humbug! We just hope we stay healthy, now that we are hitting 60.

  2. In our later years, I am now working just to fund our insurance costs. Seems a bit out of kilter. We looked at AARP, but they wouldn't write for us because at the time I wasn't 50 but he was.

    Stay healthy!

  3. I am worried about you. I hope you can find some reasonable plan.

  4. Susan...1700$$$$$!!!!!

    That is....a lot of swear words worth of wear word!

    Christine...thank you. I will keep looking for a plan...

  5. I can't imagine living in a country where it isn't the duty of every citizen to make sure every other citizen gets health care.
    How is it that in America you can get state education but not health care?
    Surely the two should have equal footing?
    Or is this because I have only loved in England and Australia where health care is a priority?