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Friday, November 23, 2007

Perfect Bird

We had a perfect bird last night, cooked a bit long, but de-lish. No photo, sorry.
We had family here, my mom and Dan's mom, otherwise known as "The Mom's". No photo.
We had Ben and Kacie drop by with The Megan-ator. No photo.
After dinner, Megan got a book and took it to Grandma Chris [this child has at least 5 grandmothers!!!!!] At first Megan stood by her stiffly, while listening to the story. Book #2, Megan was a little closer to Chris, and by book #3, Megan was all relaxed and leaning on Chris's knee helping her read "Where the Wild Things Are". No photo.
When I went to rest my full belly after The Mom's left after dinner, and the games where brought out by the 'kids', Dan put himself in charge of The Megan-ator. I really really wish I had a photo of that!!!!!!!!!!

background info= Dan is not really known for being warm and fuzzy by any stretch of the imagination. But with granddaughter Megan, he is changing his ways, and it is very wonderful to see!

Wonderful Thanksgiving Day, and not a darn photo to prove it. Sheesh!

But, I have been asked to make a Christmas wallie for Chris [Dans mom]. Luckily I had one she could use for this year, the 'RV Christmas Tree'. I may have a photo of that....


  1. No pictures just proves you were having a wonderful time, and too busy to take any. =) Having the memories is more important than having the pictures. =)

  2. so what happened to the camera? you're usually all about the pictures... (glad you had a wonderful day)

  3. Jeri the camera sat in the basket on the computer table, lonely and forgotten....We were having such a good time all in the kitchen, I totally forgot! Senior moments are happening more and more...