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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Birthday Season

It is Birthday Season around here this month. Please send money. We need to find a cure for this. {I can just barely hear Dorothy saying, all the way from VT, "they do have a cure, it's called Birth Control."}

hahahahaha....she is soooooooo funny!

Today is the 17th birthday for Stephanie, the Rocket Scientist. She can now go to R rated movies! Such a deal. This is the cake set up that I arranged so Steph would be surprised this morning...the string of lights go down the hall to her room and I sprinkled confetti all over the place. [no carpet, no problemo]The sprinkled stuff is the confetti I I added to the plastic cake cover, it's not actually on the cake. And the Space Shuttle looking thing is a Matchbox, so it's worth keeping.

And now on a different path....this is Ashley taking a picture of herself with her new nose piercing....

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  1. Hey! I heard that! *grin* Actually, my mom's favourite, if you can believe it, is "Cross your legs, not your fingers."

    Cute nose ring, Ashley. And happy birthday Miss Steph. Geeze, I remember when you were in 3rd grade!