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Sunday, October 07, 2007


This is Mt. Rainier in the fall...gorgeous ain't it! Click to see the website of the photographer.
I actually know some people who like this time of year. I am not one of them. I like the colors of autumn, don't get me wrong on that, because lets face it, some of those trees are fantastic. It's the illness part of the season I don't care for, or the closing-of-the-doors, or the limited daylight. But I can handle the second 2 without the first one. Throw in the first one and I turn into an oger, and not a cute one either!

My girls have had a virus thing. Involving the tonsils and creating white spots on them. Nope. It's not strep throat. Drive by strep test was negative. [Ben had this several years ago.] I am hoping because I no longer have my tonsils that I will not get it, but am not saying that outloud. So we have done the salt gargle, the lemon-honey, the vinegar gargle too for Stephanie. Ashley passed on that one. They are getting better, but.....


  1. Hi Vicky
    I used to have that beautiful veiw out my back door when we lived in Tacoma for the three years DH was stationed at McCord. One time flying from Minneapolis to SeaTac (spellings?) we flew right by the mountian it was sunset and the snow covered mountian top was jutting up through fog an awesome site.


  2. The Mountain can be so amazing! Or at least the weather around it can be.