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Monday, September 24, 2007

Moi?? So Dorothy says....

I quoth Dorothy....[is 'quoth' a word?]
"Vicky writes exactly the way I suspect she talks. Her grand-daughter calls her GG, and I have been lucky enough to call her a friend for a lot longer than either of us has had a blog. She posts Flashback Fridays any day she pleases, and slaps up pictures of pot and pretends it's actually something called Dizzy-Gotha-Ka. I think we've figured out the flashback part of Vicky's Fridays. ;o)"

hahahahahohohohohehehehehe.......don't read Dorothys blog when you have the munchies, she puts up pictures of FOOD...dude....

Ill post a link to when google gets straight...end out...straightened out.

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