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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Peace Day

Yesterday was Peace Day. It's not on my Calendar....or wasn't...It is now. Dorothy blogged this wonderful video that wouldn't load here on mine....go see it!

For us it was Drive Thru Strep Test day. Steph is sick. Happens EVERY year at the beginning of the school year. Her tonsils are jinormas and even have a white spot or two. But the doctors were all booked, so we did the easy way. See the nurse, get swabbed, take swab to lab, get back the result and either go to pharmacy, where a scrip is already waiting to be filled, or go home.

We came home. Test was neg for strep, good! We were there for maybe 20 minutes all told, which is pretty amazing for a doctor visit!!!

Stopped to get popcicles at Walgreens, who have quite a collection of ice cold items for sickos.

I google imaged tonsils....some gross pictures there for sure!

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  1. I'm glad she doesn't have strep. That's miserable!